You must complete these additional 2 steps

Step #1 was filling out the form, which you have just completed. However, in order for Facebook Integration to work properly, a link must be created between your Kennel’s group and our back-end server. There are two additional steps required to do this. In Step #2 you have to log in to the Harrier Central App using Facebook authentication using the same email as you provided in the form you just filled out. In Step #3 you add the Harrier Central app to your Facebook Group. Both of these steps are easy and can completed in just a few minutes.

Step #2a: Authentication

You already have the HC App loaded

If you have previously loaded Harrier Central on your phone and you did not use Facebook to log in, you need to connect your Harrier Central account with your Facebook account. Doing this does not give us access to any information in your Facebook account other than your name and email address. We recommend you get your phone, open the app and follow the steps as you see below starting at the top left.

Step #2b: Authentication

You have not run the HC App on your phone yet

If you have not yet loaded Harrier Central on your phone, you can follow the instructions below to create a new Harrier Central account using Facebook Login. This only gives us access to your name and email address and does not let us access your Facebook account. We use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate you, which is a very secure and widely adopted protocol for logging in. Using OAuth 2.0 neither our app or our back end servers have access to your Facebook password.


Step #3: Add Harrier Central to your FB Group

This very important step must be completed or we will not be able to access your runs

You are almost done! The last step is one you have to complete on your Kennel’s Facebook Group. Please follow the instructions below to enable your run events to automatically be synchronized from Facebook to Harrier Central.

Thank You!

OK. That’s all that needs to be done for now. In order to prevent bogus Kennels from being added to our platform and also to ensure quality for our users, we have an approval process that can take anywhere from a day to around a week (sometimes more if we are on vacation, sorry, we’re just a few enthusiastic Hashers running the platform!) Once your Kennel is approved, we will send you an email and you will be able to begin using Harrier Central. Keep your eyes on our newsfeed as we roll out new features and check out our tutorials (once we find the time to put them online!).


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