How much does the app cost?

Harrier Central is free for individual Hashers for all of the basic functions and it always will be. You can locate Hash Kennels and specific runs anywhere in the world, RSVP for runs, and keep track of your run and haring counts. You can even download a spreadsheet with full details of all the runs you’ve done with individual sheets containing run specifics for each Kennel you’ve run with.

With this in mind, we would like to point out that we have invested a significant amount of time, energy and our own money in launching Harrier Central and we have ongoing costs to host Harrier Central in Microsoft’s highly secure and global cloud platform. We are committed to the highest levels of security and privacy for our users. As such we will never connect Harrier Central to third party advertising platforms (whenever you see ads in your other apps, it is highly likely that some of your personal information is being shared with third parties). Thus, to ensure that we do not lose money on Harrier Central, we have to charge Kennels through in-app purchases for advanced features such as tracking Hash Cash, managing email distribution, promoting Haberdashery, and more.

We want the Hash community to know that we are not offering Harrier Central to make a profit off of the Hash. We aim only to cover our costs.