How to see Hash runs

Please keep in mind that Harrier Central can only display information from Kennels that have requested to be added to our database. Make sure your Kennel joins Harrier Central today!

To find Hash runs simply open the app. You will see a list all future runs for any Kennels that you are following and for Kennels that are within 50 miles or 50 kilometers from your current location (you can change this default distance in your personal profile if you wish).

The runs display is designed to make it very easy to find runs, especially when you are traveling. Each time you open the app, it receives run information from Kennels from around the world. If you are traveling and do not have an internet connection, you should still see runs for the local area when you arrive at your destination provided that your phone has accurate location information. If you choose to follow a Kennel, you will always see runs from that Kennel irrespective of your physical location.