How to search for Hash runs

Please keep in mind that the search function can only find Kennels that have requested to be added to our database. Make sure your Kennel joins Harrier Central today!

If the runs display is not showing you runs for a particular Kennel or area of the world, you can use Harrier Central’s advanced run search feature. To access this, simply pull down slightly on the runs display to reveal the search box. Here you can type any of the following items in the search box to find runs:

  • Continent name (e.g. Europe, Asia, North America, etc.)
  • Country, region / state, or city name
  • Street name
  • Post code / zip code (if one has been provided)
  • Run name
  • Run number
  • Kennel short name (e.g. AH3)
  • Kennel full name (e.g. Amsterdam Hash House Harriers)
  • Any words in the run description
  • Name of any of the hares
  • If the run is an event (enter “is event” in the search box)
  • The geographic scope of the event (enter “is local”,”is regional”,”is nash hash” or “is national”, “is interhash” or “is continental”, “is global” or “is world interhash”
  • By time period as described below
    • runs on a specific day of any week (e.g. “Sunday”)
    • runs on a specific day in the next week (e.g. “this Wednesday”)
    • using the keywords, “today” or tomorrow
    • using year or month name (e.g. “is 2021”, or “is August”)
    • using the time of the run (e.g. “2:45” or “14:45”)

Normally, the search looks through runs that are already displayed on your run list. If, however, you wanted to see what runs were coming up in Africa in the next few weeks, you could type Africa in the search box and click on the “Search all runs” box which will expand the scope to search for all runs currently in the system.

Currently the systems does not support complex queries (e.g. “in Europe next Thursday”) but we may add this feature in the future.